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Carla D.

Botanical Garden

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The Botanical Garden, located on Via Bramante, is one of a group of other important buildings found nearby including the fountain dedicated to Pope Benedict XIII, Palazzo Albani, the monument to St. Peter Celestine and… read more Botanical Garden

Monastery of Santa Chiara

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In the narrow street of St. Claire there is the former monastery of Santa Chiara, now headquarter of the High Institute for Art Industries. The architecture of the monastery is thought to be by Francesco… read more Monastery of Santa Chiara

Church of San Domenico

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In the Renaissance Square, in front of the long side of the Ducal Palace, adorned with elegant mullioned windows, lies the church of San Domenico, erected in 1365 in Gothic style. The magnificent Renaissance portal… read more Church of San Domenico

Church of the Holy Cross

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The origin of the Church of the Holy Cross is linked to the establishment of the homonymous Confraternity in 1318. In the following centuries this gothic building was renovated and expanded. The renovation of the… read more Church of the Holy Cross

Saint John’s Oratory

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Saint John’s Oratory was erected on the remains of an old hospice for pilgrims and ills. It was run by the members of the Confraternity of Saint John and was also related to the presence… read more Saint John’s Oratory