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Republic Square

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It is located at the centre of the city, between two hills and from here the five main streets flow: Via Mazzini, Via Cesare Battisti, Via Vittorio Veneto, Corso Garibaldi, Via Raffaello. On the north… read more Republic Square

Theatre Sanzio

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The Sanzio Theatre of Urbino was built in 1853 by the architect Vincenzo Ghinelli from Senigallia and funded by the Municipality. In addition, Ghinelli designed the surrounding area and the small semicircular place in front… read more Theatre Sanzio

Raphael’s monument

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The monument dedicated to Urbino’s most illustrious son is located at the top of via Raffaello in Piazza Roma. Completed in 1897 by the sculptor Luigi Belli, it was originally placed in Piazza Duca Federico… read more Raphael’s monument

Albornoz Fortress

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The Albornoz Fortress located at the top of the highest hill offers a suggestive panoramic view of the old town of Urbino. The surrounding landscape makes it a work of great historical and scenic interest.… read more Albornoz Fortress