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Church of the Holy Cross

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The origin of the Church of the Holy Cross is linked to the establishment of the homonymous Confraternity in 1318. In the following centuries this gothic building was renovated and expanded. The renovation of the… read more Church of the Holy Cross

Theatre Sanzio

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The Sanzio Theatre of Urbino was built in 1853 by the architect Vincenzo Ghinelli from Senigallia and funded by the Municipality. In addition, Ghinelli designed the surrounding area and the small semicircular place in front… read more Theatre Sanzio

Church of San Bernardino

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Not far from Urbino, in the east, the church of San Bernardino degli Zoccolanti, deserves attention, almost certainly designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, in Renaissance style, chosen as Mausoleum by Federico da Montefeltro. It… read more Church of San Bernardino

Church of Santo Spirito

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The Church of Santo Spirito, located in Via Bramante, dates back to 1554, while the Confraternity of the Holy Spirit was established in the fourteenth century and suppressed in 1729. You enter the church through… read more Church of Santo Spirito

Church of St. Francis

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The Church of St. Francis is the most popular church of Urbino. Its origin dates back to the first moments of Western monasticism. It was a Benedictine abbey before it became a Franciscan church in… read more Church of St. Francis