Theatre Sanzio


The Sanzio Theatre of Urbino was built in 1853 by the architect Vincenzo Ghinelli from Senigallia and funded by the Municipality. In addition, Ghinelli designed the surrounding area and the small semicircular place in front of the façade to allow the carriages to maneuver easily. In order to accomplish this project, some structures of the original upper helical ramp, formerly used as grain storage were demolished.

The tastefully decorated interior fascinates the visitor with its three elegant loge levels and most notably, the fresco of the vault, painted by Raffaele Antonioli from Gubbio. The theatre curtain is decorated with a scene depicting the Glory of Urbino, by the local artist Francesco Serafini. The lobby contains two marble busts, one of which depicts Raffaello Sanzio to whom the theatre is dedicated, work of Carlo Finelli of 1853, and the other depicting Donato Bramante, by the sculptor Giambattista Pericoli. The recent restoration was assigned to the architect Giancarlo De Carlo who brought relevant and important changes especially to the interior. In 1982 the renovation was finally completed and the theatre was reopened to the public after thirty years of inactivity.