Botanical Garden


The Botanical Garden, located on Via Bramante, is one of a group of other important buildings found nearby including the fountain dedicated to Pope Benedict XIII, Palazzo Albani, the monument to St. Peter Celestine and the church of the Holy Spirit making this corner one of the most interesting in Urbino.

It was originally erected as a scientific institution in 1809 thanks to an initiative of Professor Giovanni De Brignoli. At the entrance of the main street can be seen a beautiful painted corridor by Quinto Possenti and a stained-glass window before arriving at the actual greenhouses, the first built in the neoclassical style by De Brignoli in 1813 and later restored in 2003 and the second, built under the direction of the prefect Guido Pesci Angelotti. Visible from a separate entrance located along the steps of the small Church of the Holy Spirit are the several ice and rain water collection points situated under the garden floor. The outdoor space extends for about 2200 square meters and spreads over three levels, with a central staircase and three ramps that open to the various sectors. In the greenhouse Catalogus plantarum there are 709 genera, 2,731 species and varieties of which 572 indigenous. Visitors will be amazed at so many varieties of plants, potted and planted.