Republic Square

Piazza della Repubblica

It is located at the centre of the city, between two hills and from here the five main streets flow: Via Mazzini, Via Cesare Battisti, Via Vittorio Veneto, Corso Garibaldi, Via Raffaello. On the north side of the square there is the Raffaello College, established in the eighteenth century on the will of Albani Pope Clement XI. He destined the palace to the Fathers of the Pious School as a seat for their educational activities.

Among the illustrious names of students who attended the school we can mention Alessandro Serpieri, who established there a Meteorological Observatory, Giovanni Pascoli, who spent nine years of his childhood. Currently in the Palace, on the ground floor, in the Raffaello Gallery, there are commercial activities and cultural associations. This square is the very heart of city life: cafes, comfortable porches, students make it a place always lively and cheerful.